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About Us

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The Beginning

Fair & Certain Cleaning Care, LLC

Fair & Certain Cleaning Care began in February 2020 from a desire to change a very difficult situation into a fulfilling one. Founded with a servant's heart and a desire to see others smile, progress was slow at the start; but, thanks be to the Lord, opportunities came one after another, all throughout Orange County, NY - to help homeowners and families through quality cleaning services. Being permitted into one's home and to see their mess - that which they'd desire to keep hidden from others - and to be able to help them turn it around... it is such a gift.

To honor each customer through fairness & transparency, quality house cleaning & customer service, and to share the hope of turning their messy situation into a fulfilling one is precisely why Fair & Certain Cleaning Care is here - and why it is a pleasure to serve you.

SINCE 2020

4 Years of Glorious

Business in This Industry

A clean dining room table.

The Mission

Fair & Certain Cleaning Care aims to ease homeowners of their daunting house cleaning tasks, searches, and deadlines by way of reliable, convenient cleaning service. 

By managing the cleaning needs of our customers and sending reliable, family-friendly cleaners to each appointment, we aim to help customers spend less of their own time on house cleaning as they work, rest, or recover at home.

"Manage less on cleanliness."

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Empowering Homes, Empowering Lives

We're all about helping you make an informed decision that works for your needs and family.

Please take the time to view our prices, our detailed services, reviews, or to simply call us to see if we're the right cleaning service provider for what you're looking for.

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