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Family carrying boxes as they move in to their new home.

Cleaning Services

Quality & Convenience

At Fair & Certain Cleaning Care, quality goes beyond what we do:
It's who we are.
As our customer, we do what we can to treat you fairly and honor you in your home.

clean living room in a sunny day


Routine Cleaning

Unless you're cleaning it every single day, crumbs, splatter, and messes will continue to pile up until it eventually becomes a big problem to deal with.

With detailed cleaning service every 2 or 4 weeks, you can focus on other matters that need your attention while still keeping your home fresh and presentable. 
Get an initial deep cleaning of the house, with the following on a routine basis: 

• Remove cobwebs from walls, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, and windows. • Dust fixtures, furniture, blinds, baseboards, and radiators. • Clean/sanitize touch-points, hard-surfaced furniture, mirrors, glass panes (if accessible), and select appliances (Bathroom/Kitchen) of topical smudges, food soil, mild waste, and debris. • Polish wood and leather furniture (about once/month).  • Spot-clean television screens of smudges and surface stains.  • Lightly tidy and freshen each room that has been serviced, if applicable.  • Vacuum floors, rugs, beneath the perimeter of rugs, and atop furniture cushions. • Mop hard floors leaving little to no standing water on hardwood floors. *Does not include grime removal on baseboards and blinds.


Move-out Cleaning

Moving is a stressful time with many demanding moving parts, deadlines, and expectations -- all needing your attention to handle. That's a lot.

If you're planning or are in the process of moving out, here's how our cleaning service will help save you time and effort:

• Dust entire surface of walls and ceilings (if accessible), fixtures, shelves, windows, baseboards, radiators.  • Clean doors of select rooms, front and back, of grime and surface stains.  • Clean inside select Bedroom closets.  • Clean window glass, sills (lift open the window), and latches of select rooms (if accessible).  • Clean inside select Bathroom and Kitchen cabinets and drawers.  • Clean baseboards and radiators of grime.  • Light trash removal of litter, scraps, wrappers, and other light/loose items. ​ *Does not include grime removal from blinds.

dirty stovetop with food residue
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dirty greasy oven
clean fridge


Specialty Cleaning

When you have a big house cleaning project in a specific area of your home, it requires a lot of time and attention.

These projects can be scheduled separately from usual cleaning service, and you can choose from the following:

• Refrigerator Cleaning • Oven Cleaning • Window Cleaning (Interior + Tracks) • Baseboard Grime Removal • Stainless Steel Care • Inside Cabinets and Drawers (Kitchen)

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