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Cleaning Services

A desired option for those with busy lives and busy families,
looking for peace-of-mind. 

The right kind of help

In the day to day, having house cleaning services brings a great sense of relief and pride which everyone can benefit from, especially those with busy work schedules and busy families. The gradual decline towards messiness awaits each one of us, but it's not a destination we have to endure for long if routine cleaning is implemented. However, deadlines, schedules, and just-wanting-the-work-to-end only makes it more difficult to stay on top of this routine; and as each "little spill" and thoughtless dusting-off of "just a few crumbs" continues to add up, you suddenly... find yourself... with a mess!
Thankfully, should you need the help, there are plenty of service options to assist you with getting back on track. 

View Routine Service

View One-time Service

View Bundle Services

Routine Cleaning

Choose a weekday, 9am or 12:30/1pm, every 2 or 4 weeks*


Rest assured with cyclic house cleaning on your assigned weekday and time! Every 2 or 4 weeks*
Starting at 9am or


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Compile specific elements of your cleaning request based on your household needs!
(q. $150 per appt)


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Receive an emailed invoice on Sunday before your appointments. Review the order and keep for your records.

*Availabilty is Limited!

See the Service Request Form for openings,
or to join the waiting list.

Schedule for a One-Time Upholstery Cleaning

Get two levels of Care for each room!

Only need the floors done?
Choose Floor 

Customize your request to forego certain costs  

Want to focus on cleaning surfaces and dusting?
oose Cleaning Care! 

- Scrub away smudges & surface stains 

Combined brings you the full-service for each room

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