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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Do I need to provide supplies?"
    No, you are not obligated to provide supplies. The cleaners bring their own supplies and equipment, so they'll just be noise in the background of an otherwise normal day! If you have a product you wish for them to use instead, keep in mind that service results and satisfaction guarantees may be affected.
  • "How long will the cleaning take?"
    It depends. The more rooms that are involved in your cleaning request, the longer it will take to clean. First-time deep cleanings are always the longest as it's usual for customers to request professional cleaning after months of not having any. The cleaner will work meticulously to not only tackle heavy build-up, but also to simply identify grime and stains during their first-time at your home. Beyond this, a typical Routine Cleaning service at a price of $150 ~ $185 might take a typical cleaner between 2.5 and 4.0 hours to finish.
  • "Why only send one cleaner?"
    There are instances when an additional cleaner may be sent for large-scale projects such as move-out cleanings or for a massive home; but for the most part, yes, a single cleaner will handle your cleaning request. One cleaner is sent because one cleaner can meet your request with outstanding results. Indeed, each cleaner is a professional in the industry bringing top-quality service. As much of a service as this is for our customers, it is also a profitable working opportunity for each cleaner who works hard to receive the entirety of their compensation rather than splitting it amongst colleagues.
  • "Won't something get missed if there's only one cleaner?"
    Even amongst other companies with multi-cleaner setups, each cleaner is focusing on a designated task for better completion times rather than constantly checking each others work, each step of the way. Therefore, it is simply good practice for all cleaners -- solo and groups -- to do a final walkthrough to double-check their finished work. With Fair & Certain Cleaning Care, you have the assistance of the customer care manager who can appoint a time to inspect the work following a service, should you ever have such concerns.
  • "When do I submit payment?"
    For first-time customers, you're welcome to pay promptly after the cleaning is complete via any of the supported electronic-payment methods. The payment link can be found in your emailed invoice. As for Routine Cleaning customers, we ask that you pay by Tuesday of the week to which you're assigned. This ensures our cleaners are paid in good time and without delay.
  • "How do I get deep cleaning?"
    The First-time Cleaning is always a deep cleaning. Afterwards, select Deep Cleaning services can be scheduled separately, including cleaning: - Inside the oven - Inside the fridge/freezer - Windows (interior only) and tracks - Baseboards/Radiators - and more! *Routine customers get opportunities for Loyalty Discounts on deep cleaning rates
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