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"Do I Need A House Cleaner??"

It's the first question to answer, so let's ask it together.

-Fair & Certain Cleaning Care

A lovely young woman smiles at the camera while standing in a brightly-lit kitchen. There is a stovetop behind her, and set on the natural stone counter beside it are unlabeled cleaning spray bottles, an unlabeled bottle of toilet bowl cleanser, and there is also a platter of assorted fruits. This woman wears a loose white teeshirt and a comfortable pair of blue jeans. While wearing green rubber kitchen gloves, she holds a blue microfiber cloth in one hand and a white, unlabeled spray bottle in the other hand. She strikes a casual pose, the arm with the blue microfiber towel being crossed over her stomach, parellel to her waist line, and resting the elbow of the other arm atop the back of the former's hand, extending the spray bottle upwards at a slight angle away from her body. She smiles pleasantly for the camera with her light-brown hair tied back.

Do you really need a house cleaner? It's going to depend on your priorities.

If you're fine with the way your home looks - and the way your home makes you look - then you probably don't need a house cleaner.

​It's likely that you allocate enough time to handle your own house cleaning already, with satisfying results; and if so, more power to you! ​​

However, a reliable house cleaner is a strategic asset for those interested in optimizing their day. Here are the main reasons why our customers request our professional cleaners at Fair & Certain Cleaning Care:

A lovely woman standing in her kitchen, staring off into the distance. She holds a mug in her hands and has a mild expression of unassumed satisfaction. On the counter next to her is a loaf of bread on a cutting board, and two slices on a blue plate beside that. The room is brightly lit by lights and sunshine.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Maybe your house is pretty clean already -- like, actually. Maybe you spend the time, here and there, cleaning as-you-go, like some of our mothers have taught us to. And so, to help with your maintenance, perhaps you just need a fresh slate from time to time -- a nice detailed, sanitizing cleaning service, once a month. 

Can't Move Like I Used To

Asking for help is sometimes a difficult thing to do. Or to admit we need. Sometimes, getting help involves revealing our weakness or embarrassing circumstances to the ones helping, and that can be very uncomfortable. But when you get friendly and reliable help, it not only frees you from the shame you once felt, but literally changes the way you can live your life, for the better.

A pretty woman gently embraces her handsome father while standing behind him. The pair are standing in front of a brightly lit window with many panes, and are glancing at the woman's smart phone, which she holds in her free right hand. The father has an old, wrinkled face, silver, balding hair, and a smug and stoic expression as he looks at the smart phone with crossed arms. The woman is beaming with a warm smile and long, brown hair as she looks at her phone. Perhaps they are taking a picture together.
A pensive looking man  peers into his laptop computer while sitting at his dining room table. He is locked-in, wearing his business watch and slim-fit sweater whilst typing away with his right hand. There is an open notebook and a pen set atop it. Also on the table is a bowl of crackers, a pair of black-framed glasses, and a small assortment of markers and colored pencils of various colors. The man, still focused on his computer work, holds a smart phone in his left hand, which he holds propped in a visible position for his daughter, seated beside him to his right, to watch a video. She wears a yellow, white, and brown-striped sweater as she sits, mouth thoughtlessly agape, watching the video.

Buying Back Your Time

Regardless of where we're at in life, time is very valuable. So valuable that the idea of "buying back" one's time is a worthwhile investment for many people. Just because you're able to do something yourself doesn't mean it's the best use of your time when considering the expanse of your daily obligations. 

Not Sure How To Do This

It's ok if you don't know how to clean certain things. Some products etch expensive furniture, some tools damage appliances, some methods are ill-advised. It's tough! The main question is, what are you doing about it? Are you committed learning how to do it properly? Are you willing to seek help? Or, are you choosing to do nothing?

A dejected looking young lady sits on the floor, her legs crossed. Wearing a white teeshirt and blue, cropped jeans, with pink shoes, she stares anxiously at a small supply bin of cleaning products set beside her. The supply bin contains a spraying product, a roll of paper towels, yellow gloves, and a bottle of yellow detergent. While holding an orange rag in her left arm, she wipes the side of her brow with the back of her hand as her right arm rests as aloof as she herself appears.
A man and a woman sit beside each other on a brown sofa, all which are facing the camera. Sitting between them is a small, long-haired, brown dog, bearing a neutral expression. The couple, however, have witty expressions on their faces: The man looks surprised and confused, with wide eyes and frowning, puckered lips, while the woman appears surprised and confused with her furrowed brow and puckered lips. Each with one of their distal arms, respective to each other, they display a face-up palm, bent at the wrist nearly 90-degrees from their upright forearm - an expression of confusion. Within the baby-blue room which they all sit, at the borders of the image can be seen an unsightly amount of crates and cardboard boxes, all which are filled with miscellaneous items and, surprisingly, green-leafed plants. Atop one of the cardboard boxes beside the woman, on the lip, sits a remarkably red thermos cup.

Show Me What You Mean

We all can get used to what we're used to. Often, customers will call, saying, "My home is already clean though, it's not that bad"; but, after cleaning service with us, they realize how mistaken they were, and literally feel the difference. Our cleaning cadre are not just "people who clean houses." They are professionals, and for very good reasons. 

So, if having a house cleaner helps you work smarter instead of harder...

What about the time, work, and risk involved in simply finding a good house cleaner??

"How will I know if the cleaner is competent?"

"What questions should I ask them?"

"Can I trust their references?"

"Can I trust them in my home?? Who is this person?"

"What if they break something?"

"What if they just disappear on me?"

"Regardless, I should really start looking for a cleaner..."

"How many people should I call?"

"How many different walkthroughs should I schedule?"

"Do I really have time for all this?"

"Maybe I shouldn't risk it."

We know you're up against a lot when considering a house cleaner. It's understandable to be cautious of letting a stranger inside your home, especially if you've had a bad experience already. 

This is why we value being attentive, transparent, and fair, maintaining a high level of professionalism in both customer interactions and cleaning service.

At Fair & Certain Cleaning Care, we aim to eliminate the risk and work for you by way of top-quality service and convenience. Your time becomes our time as we manage your cleaning request, from start to finish. 

The image of a female house cleaner. This woman has a lovely face, and a splendid smile. Her pink head band rests on the outside border of her face, sweeping her mid-length, brown hair back. She wears orange kitchen gloves, and with her right hand holds a yellow spray bottle upright, close to her face and chest. She is posing for the camera, wearing her brown apron and white tee shirt.

Screening for Top-Quality Cleaners,

We only hire top-quality house cleaners who have met our exemplary standards of service.

We'll always assign you a professional with: 

  • At least 2 years of work experience 

  • Active General Liability Insurance 

  • A Clean Background Check

  • Verified Professional & Personal References

  • High recommendations from other Fair & Certain Cleaning Care customers

A woman, wearing a pink button-up shirt and sitting in a black office chair, grins confidently in the camera. She poses wearing a customer service headset which is equipped with an adjustable microphone stem, and holding up the OK hand gesture. Her left hand is set on the brown desk that she sits at. There are various office supplies set neatly about, including a clipboard, a book, some folders, and a keyboard.

Ongoing Customer Care

Manage less, and have more to enjoy. We'll send you updates about the status of your pending cleaning request and match a cleaner with your available dates. We provide continued customer care, handling scheduling conflicts, Satisfaction Guarantees, even issuing a temporary cleaner when needed, at your request. 

A red-haired woman appears to be at peace, holding up the OK hand gesture with each of her hands, at shoulder-level before her at a comfortable distance. She wears a blue and white-striped shirt with white overalls, round, thin-framed glasses of a mild prescription, and has a positive expression about her face. Her eyes are shut, but gentle, her features are relaxed except for her calm smile. She is a symbol for being OK and having positive thoughts.

Easy, Online Quotes

You trust us to do our diligence. Likewise, we trust you to properly prepare your home for cleaning service. No walkthroughs are needed to get a flat rate price for your cleaning request!

Receive detailed invoices with every appointment and clear expectations on how to navigate service. Please remember to pay promptly after your cleaner is finished! 

With just one step, we'll get to work for you:

Fair & Certain Cleaning Care, helping you manage less on cleanliness! 

Start working smarter instead of harder. Send us an Online Cleaning Request to get started, and we'll consult our team for your appointment.

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