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woman house cleaning in the kitchen

A Clean Home, 
Made Reliably Simple

House Cleaning Services

Our Services

Whether it's to freshen up your home for future guests or for moving day, you'll have a lot less to worry about, and a lot more to show. We'll help you focus on other matters that need your attention while still keeping your home fresh and presentable. 

Get an initial deep cleaning of the house, then sign up for routine cleaning thereafter.

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A clean living room with a beautiful view

One-time & Routine
Cleaning Service​​


Fixtures, cobwebs, horizontal surfaces, furniture, baseboards


Hard surfaces, furniture, counters, windows (interior), appliances, +polish wood furniture


Vacuum, mop, empty small trash bins

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A woman house cleaning spraying a wooden table.
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Friendly Solo Cleaners

48-hour Satisfaction Guarantee

Insured & Bonded

Quality & Assurance

At Fair & Certain Cleaning Care, quality goes beyond what we do: It's who we are. As our customer, we do what we can to treat you fairly and honor you in your home.

Consistent Scheduling

Background Checks

Flexible Pricing Options

No Supplies Needed

Attentive Customer Service

Blue gloved hands disinfecting a table.

Move-out Cleaning

Carrington does an amazing job at communicating and looking out for his clients. They did a scheduled move out move for me and did an incredible job! Absolutely loved the results.

Madison W.

The Clean & Easy Solution

When you need reliable house cleaners, attentive customer service, and honest business in your home, Fair & Certain Cleaning Care is here for you. 

Reach out today and we'll help you get started in no time.

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