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No Place Like Home

Are you looking for a reliable, friendly, detailed house cleaning provider? Is it time you separate work from play, and prioritize relaxing when you return home?

Fair & Certain Cleaning Care couples together quality house cleaning with customer-convenience, providing a modular approach for targeting your specific needs at a flat rate

-- no walkthrough needed.

Determine the Level of Care

Cleaning Care,

‍for all the messy stuff...

   Whether your home sees plenty of dust, smudges, or even spider webs, this service is such a morale booster! Day-to-day surface stains are cleaned away, and mirrors and glass are left with a streak-less finish.

• Remove cobwebs from walls, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, and windows.
• Dust fixtures, furniture, blinds, baseboards, and radiators.
• Clean topical smudges, food soil, and debris from hard surfaces and mirrors (for Bathrooms & Kitchens, only applicable to selected items).
• Spot-clean windows of smudges.

Floor Care,

so you can tread comfortably!

   This is a great way to improve the air-quality by reducing runaway pet hair and dust with use of a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Spraying PH-neutral floor solution is both safe on hardwood floors and doesn't leave behind a film for dirt to cling to afterwards:

• Vacuum and mop the floors.
• Vacuum debris from atop seat cushions.
• If desired, a complimentary deodorizing powder will occasionally be applied to upholstery and rugs, before vacuuming it out.
• Empty and replace the trash can liner if 2/3 full.

Routine Customers

Get access to the following:


   With my attention-to-detail whilst traversing your home, I'm bound to encounter something worth your attention sooner or later. The right information will help for the longevity of your surfaces and appliances.

Damage from an incompatible cleaner on a surface...

A steady number of ants/spiders/bugs...

Mouse droppings...

Additional Care

   These services can be added to your existing invoice, or scheduled for a different day based on availability. Get detailed work to accentuate your clean space!

   Great to have done in preparation for the holidays or following summer/winter seasons! 


  • Interior Oven Cleaning
  • Inside Fridge/Freezer
  • Electrostatic Disinfecting
  • Deep-Clean Sliding Door Tracks

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